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Gates on Microsoft's expansion

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. tripwire45
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    Gates on Microsoft's expansion

    Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates made the case Sunday night that its technologies are becoming even more flexible and powerful as they seep into automobiles, Internet-based TV networks and living rooms. A few months away from leaving his daily duties at Microsoft to focus on his philanthropy, Gates used his traditional kickoff keynote at the International Consumer Electronics Show to highlight how Microsoft is extending the reach of its software beyond desktops and servers, and incorporating alternative inputs like voice and touch. "The first digital decade has been a great success," he said. "This is just the beginning. There's nothing holding us back from going much faster and much further in the second digital decade."

    Story at CNN.com.
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    1. BosonMichael
      Freddy's gonna love this statement: Perhaps they should fix what they've got before expanding into other areas. :p
    2. BosonJosh
      QFT :D
    3. greenbrucelee

      I was reading about SP3 today for XP apparently theres 1000 hotfixes and more in the service pack, and it'll be out half way into this year or sooner, apparently it increases the gaming speed of XP which is cool. 8)
    4. Theprof
      Just to give you an idea on what's going on with vista for example and I am sure that many already know this but one of the guys that I work with, his brother in-law is a consultant at Microsoft. He said that in their (Microsoft) eyes, vista is being tagged as if it's Windows ME all over again. In fact they already have a stable version running of the next windows that is supposed to come out in a few years.

      Kind of makes think that yeah they have so many projects going on but some of their so called next gen OS are not really making it in a sense where they don't function as well as the hype that Microsoft put out before anything was released.
    5. greenbrucelee
      yep I have heard that windows 7 is more stable than vista already.
    6. Bluerinse
      You can't compare Vista to ME.. lets be honest ME was a totally useless pile of dog poo. Vista, on the right hardware is great.. my Vista Ultimate is as fast, solid as a rock, it never crashes, it does what it says on the box, i have all features turned up to the max and it's excellent.

      I am currently playing COD4 and i can tell you that it's blistering fast and the graphics are nothing less than awesome, almost real.

      I use Media Centre and watch DVDs and HDD TV on it without any glitches. That wasn't my experience with XP MCE.

      Never try and run a new operating system on old hardware. You will not have a good experience and your opinion of the operating system will be tainted as a result.

      My minimum spec for Vista.. Go for a C2D CPU and 2GB of RAM and a pucker video and sound card card. then tell me how good Vista is.

      I have never had less problems with any OS including XP up until now and i have been running Microsoft OSs since Windows 3.11
    7. Theprof
      I guess I better rephrase what I said. I didn't mean to say that vista is like ME, what I meant to say is that according to operating systems such as XP, XP is faster and more compatible then Vista and this was proved by running a bunch of benchmarks and on a bunch of different hardware. To be honest who knows Vista might change with service packs, but seeing how MS already have stable versions of the new OS running, I don't know if they are going to put a lot more efforts into Vista.
    8. BosonMichael
      Agreed. Vista includes a TON of new features not found in XP. On the other hand, Windows Me didn't provide much of a reason to upgrade from Windows 98. It wasn't prettier, it restricted real-mode MS-DOS, and the only new features of any note was System Restore, System File Protection, and Windows Movie Maker... certainly not worth updating to, considering the bugs that Me had.
    9. Sparky
      I’m running Vista on an Intel Celeron (M) - 1400MHz with 768MB of RAM and it works fine with the aero effect switched off. Not exactly cutting edge technology but I thought I would test how it would run with the Vista DVD from the action pack.

      No complaints so far and the laptop hasn’t crashed once, and for some reason it hardly ever eats into the page file. I only do web browsing and all the usual ‘office’ type things so no reason to upgrade although if I had the cash I would just to get all the fancy add-ons. :biggrin

      Windows ME was not the same. I remember wiping my Windows 98 PC and installing ME and it was an absolute nightmare. I needed to use the system restore feature almost every week for no obvious reason, I hadn’t installed any software\hardware but the stability of the OS would always be an issue. Also when I logged off there would always be an error message. :rolleyes:
    10. Theprof
      It was that bad eh?:ohmy I I've used it very briefly and never liked it. I found it to be slower and it popped up with a few errors trying to open IE and my computer. Although I did not encounter problems like sparky still it was not that great.

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