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Game Career Fair returns

Discussion in 'News' started by Fergal1982, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster


    Game Career Fair returns

    (For those interested in getting into Games development. - Fergal)

    The second annual London Game Career Fair is set to take place next month, hosted by leading industry websites Gamasutra.com and GamesIndustry.biz (which is published by Eurogamer Network).

    Last year's inaugural event was a huge success, with more than 1000 visitors in attendance. The 2007 London Game Career Fair will take place at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane on October 23rd and 24th. Entrance is free.

    Full Story: Here
    Official Site: Here
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    1. Mathematix
      Yes, a few from my studio should be making it there. I might do if I'm not overloaded with work. :D
    2. Fergal1982
      Im going to see if my mate wants to come down with me, dont fancy being a billy no-mates on my jaunt into london.
    3. Mathematix
      Travelling far! Me thinks you want to leave IT for games. :twisted:
    4. Fergal1982
      its something thats always been an interest to me on some level. I have no idea if i really want to get into it though. If nothing else, im hoping there will be some interesting things at the fair, that might give me an idea if i want to go there, or stick to business development. And if i do think id like to get into the industry, i can get some pointers on what i need to do to prepare.

      if nothing else it should be interesting (also want to go to DevWeek 08 in March - but thats not gaming).
    5. Mathematix
      Cool. One word of advice, though, is that the games industry is even tougher to get into than IT. It's something that people don't find out until they try. :blink
    6. BosonMichael
      Can I make good money playing PC games? :biggrin

      No? :(


      Eh, never hurts to ask. :rolleyes:
    7. Fergal1982
      Yeah I've heard its tough, and not exactly the most secure job in the world either.

      Like I said, I have no idea if I would want to do it professionally, or if I would rather stick with Business Dev (Which Im doing just now). If I go down, it will hopefully give me a better idea.
    8. Shepherdess
      BTW, is anyone going to see Video Games Live in London this year? I was there last year, and had a wonderful time.

      For those who don't know what it is: check arcade medley on youtube :D
    9. Mathematix
      It appears right now the if you're QA or a designer, things don't look as secure as they could be. It's a great career that is mentally very demanding, and also potentially physically demanding when it comes to crunch.

      I certainly don't regret it a bit! :)
    10. Mathematix
      Nah, especially at near 40 quid a pop! :blink
    11. Shepherdess
      Just checked The Royal Festival Hall's website: the tickets are between 20 and 32 which is not that bad :thumbleft
    12. Mathematix
      Youtube is still cheaper. :p

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