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Free public Wi-Fi scheme for town

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. UKDarkstar
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    Free public Wi-Fi scheme for town

    A major Wiltshire town is to become the first in the UK to offer free public wireless internet access to its entire population, it was claimed.

    Swindon Borough Council plan for all 186,000 citizens to have blanket "Wi-Fi mesh" coverage by April 2010.

    Line rental will be free, and there will be no connection charge, say council officials.

    Wireless internet allows computer users to access the internet without the need for wired connection to phone lines.

    'Much cheaper'

    Subscribers to the service - to be called Signal - will have limited access but could pay for 20Mb upgrades.

    This fee would be "significantly less" than current broadband suppliers, scheme bosses estimate.

    The £1m project will be run by Digital City UK Ltd, in which Swindon Borough Council has a 35% share.

    Some 1,400 secure access points will be fitted around Swindon, similar to those used in homes "but with a much higher performance," is is claimed.

    Full story : HERE
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    1. JK2447
      Hmmm, Swindon becoming a hackers paradise then :rolleyes: I'm sure it will make even easier for card readers inserted in cash machines to wizz your details away. Maybe I'm becoming too pessimistic in my old age. . .:rolleyes: Its gonna happen everywhere eventually no doubt and free is my favourite price :D

      ** Edit: Oh and good find as always UKDS
    2. UKDarkstar
    3. JK2447
    4. UKDarkstar
    5. JK2447
    6. nugget
      Is it free.......

      ...or not? :rolleyes:
    7. danielno8
      using web and email is expected to be free i think. more exotic uses will be chargeable
    8. ericrollo
      Like Porn
    9. Alex399
      I assume they mean a 20MB monthly usage allowance which doesn't sound like much and would easily be used in less than a month but obviously vary from person to person.
      They will charge for this service I'm thinking, if something is too good to be true it generally is and I'm referring to a free internet service when there are already countless internet providers charging you for this kind of service :D
      If the goverment think they can make some money along the way they won't chuck that opportunity away! not in a million years!

      Imagine if they rolled it out everywhere in all towns, Internet providers left right and center would become completley obsolete :blink and free internet becoming a reality... I highly doubt :dry, at least not in my life time but thats me making a far fetched prediction, who knows! :biggrin

      As for who's news thread this is, you have won this round Darkstar but won't be so victorious next round!! :x

      Let the News Thread battle CONTINUE!! :twisted:

      Completely off topic: Nice Website Nugget! ;)
      Last edited: Nov 17, 2009
    10. JK2447
      You might get banned the kinda stuff your into Joe :p
    11. Bluerinse
      That 20MB could be used in the blink of an eye with a windows update or a virus app update etc. The last update that Vista wanted me to click yes to, was 340MB.
    12. dales
      I heard about it on the radio today, with some kind of rep from swindon council, sounds like wifi access will be free however you would be limited to a number of hours per day. You can pay for 24/7 access and they are also hoping to use the service to sell additional services which they would like to recoup their setup costs from.

      obviously quite how they lock all this down will be very interesting to watch unfold.
    13. JamesStill
      Ok, this is going to sound really weird, but Norwich won this race 3 years ago :D


      It was originally going to last for 18months but is still going strong (well, it was the last time I used it).

      Still, it's rather nice that other citys are adopting this. Makes it actually worthwhile having wifi on your device.

      Now if only Diss town council would see the error of their ways. Or even better, if National Express would fit wifi to their trains - of course, that presupposes the trains actually run </rant>

    14. kellylewis81
      Hi Guys,

      Coming from Swindon myself I have looked in to this, basically we will be getting 2 hrs per day foc. This is so that students can use it for their studies (or facebook) lol, also for people who just use it to check emails etc.

      They are also offering a cheaper rate for 24/7 access as stated in an earlier post, this is supposed to be cheaper that the "normal" ISPs.

      The speed of the connection as not been announced yet but I will update all once it has been rolled out!

      Sounds quite good but only time will tell!
    15. nugget
      Thanks mate. I'm still trying to get my head around CSS and so on. I also don't get too much time to update the bloody thing.:oops:
    16. Alex399
      Looks good none the less :wink: everyone needs to start somewhere I like the simple concept you have with your site looks better IMHO if a website is kept fairly simple and plain its best :D thus your website is an absolute win in my opinion.

      Keep it going and I look forward to see you develop it further, not to the point were I'm losing sleep over it :lol: but you get my drift.

      Back to topic though Thumbs up all the way for free public Wi-Fi scheme to be rolled out nationally

      Might cause lots of job losses throughout internet providers but that can't be helped really :twisted:

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