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Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Jan 25, 2004.

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    Forums now OPEN

    The host transfer has been successful and the forums are now open. You may find that some of the features such as the Resource links ans stats do not work fully. I will not be working on these until the domain has been transfered over. You may also find broken links to some images, please do not raise threads on this as I will be working on them over the next few hours.

    You comments on speed of the new host would be grateful.
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    1. AJ
      Hi there

      Si this is so much faster it is a delight. Big congrats on the transfer, i didn't feel a thing. This place can only go on from strengh to strengh with the people who look after it.

      There really is no place like it on the net.

      Thanks a lot and I shall send you a small donation later.


      ps Is the chat room still open on Monday?
    2. Phil
      We're Baaaaack :) wow! it feels like I have broadband :D
    3. flex22
      The site is running smoothly. 8)

      All seems well.
    4. Nelix
      Much Much better than before, Alot faster, well done onthe smooth change over Si

    5. Jakamoko
      Excellent Si - well done :thumbleft. Speed is much better, and the move was painless (well, apart for the Phil/Bertie enigma)

      Is there a re-direct up yet for the old URL ? It points to nowhere, but hey - we're here now, so let's look forward to the future being bright :clap

      Will similarly be arranging a small fund-transfer in the next wee while too.

    6. SimonV
      Yes, I've had to transfer the domain out to another host as plusnet our old host don't allow name-server changes. It should be sorted out within a couple of days and pointed here. I've had a few set backs as errors were made by both plusnet and the new domain hosts in the transaction. :(

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