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    More Security Holes Found in Firefox" />

    More Security Holes Found in Firefox

    The latest security holes found in the popular alternative Web browser Firefox raises yet more questions about its vulnerability. Security experts warned of nine security holes and posted an example of dangerous exploit code affecting the browser.

    FrSIRT (French Security Incident Response Team) issued an advisory Thursday for users of the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox browser and Mozilla, just days after the Mozilla Foundation issued the latest in a series of patches for Firefox that plugged the holes.

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    1. ffreeloader
      1. Anyone notice the patches are already out for this?

      2. Notice that this vulnerability only works at "user level access". That means if you do your surfing with a standard user account it's next to impossible for a hacker to install anything because your account won't have those system privileges.

      3. Firefox does not have hooks into the system as IE does, therefore it is much harder to use it to compromise your system.
    2. moominboy
      1. yeah i noticed, but thought it would be of interest,as the reason i tried out firefox was because i read it was more secure than internet explorer

      2.didn't know that

      3. or that :)
    3. ffreeloader
      Two and three are two of the reasons Firefox is more secure by design than IE.
    4. Phoenix
      Firefox IS more secure that IE
      vulnerabilities or not
      everything has vulnerabilities, its Firefox ability to have its code fine combed by the community, and its quick release of patches that makes it more secure
      that and it was built from the ground up to not be a gaping hole!

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