Firefox hits 20 percent mark in Europe

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    Firefox hits 20 percent mark in Europe

    Since the summer 2004 news that Internet Explorer saw its first-ever drop in market share, keeping tabs on web browser market share has become a popular pastime for some. Since Firefox 1.0 was released in the fall of 2004, we've seen its market share inch upwards, breaking the 10 percent barrier last November. Apparently, it's doing even better in Europe. According to the French-speaking portion of the Ars staff (Ken and Herschell), French web metrics firm XiTi says that on a recent weekend, a sample of 32.5 million web site visits showed that Firefox has passed the 20 percent market share figure in Europe. The percentage of Firefox users was highest in Linux creator Linus Torvalds' homeland of Finland, where usage hit 38.4 percent. Firefox is also popular in Slovenia (35.6 percent) and Germany (30.3 percent). In contrast, Ukraine, Belgium, and Denmark sit at the bottom with 9.5 percent, 10.2 percent, and 10.4 percent, respectively.

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