Firefox bites back

Discussion in 'News' started by Jakamoko, Sep 26, 2004.

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    Firefox bites back

    A hundred thousand users an hour think Firefox is good news, but for Microsoft the story is rather different.

    With a million downloads in 10 hours, the Firefox browser has kicked off a brand new round in a very old conflict.

    Six years ago, Microsoft won the browser wars against Netscape -- the distant forefather of Firefox -- not because Internet Explorer was a better browser, but by the simple expedient of giving it away with every copy of Windows. That gave MS a killer lock on the market back in the last century when the CD was the only software distribution medium in town. Now we have broadband and the game's afoot once again.

    Full story: Here
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    1. flex22
      I've been using Mozilla for a couple or so months, and is now an integral part of my overall setup.
      Kind of like IE used to be, except I didn't really think I had a choice back then, whereas now choice is conspicuous, so I choose my preference:

      Which at this moment is Mozilla Firefox 8)
    2. nugget
      I've been using Mozilla for a year now and Firefox for about a month. Just got to say Firefox rocks.:D

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