Everyone get to upgrade to XP SP2

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, May 9, 2004.

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    <img border="0" src="../logos/xp.gif" align="right"><font size="3">Everyone get to upgrade to XP SP2 even cracked copies...</font>

    Both legitimate and unlicensed users of Microsoft's XP operating system software will be able to download the Service Pack 2 security patch for free. Microsoft's increasing concern over information security has translated into its decision to bite the bullet and make its upcoming SP2 (Service Pack 2) security patch available to all users - including those using pirated copies of its Windows XP software.

    Full Story: computertimes.com
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    1. Jakamoko
      Sorry I'm a bit late in getting to this article, but thanks for that Si.

      That sounds like MS making a full-on attempt at fighting back against the lack of security allegations of Windows of late. SP2 sounds like the bizz - will get hold ASAP. The firewall and pop-up stoppers sound good, ie a clean install of a slip-streamed version of XP means less hassle before you first put a new, "clean" PC on the Net or network.

      Cool 8)
    2. Phoenix
      from neowin.net on tuesday ;)

    3. Jakamoko
      Thanks for the clarification, Phoenix - thought it was a bit un-M$-like to take such a generous stance.

      All the same - sounds like SP2 will plug a few gaps for now at least .... :roll:
    4. Phoenix
      SP2 does indeed have some neat features
      be warned if you run custom web abbs and such, as it changes some IE zone permissions and can bugger them up
    5. Jakamoko
      Thanks again for the info, Phoenix - you should write a piece on it for the Knowledge Base !? :wink:
    6. Phoenix
      id like to but i only remember a few choice tidbits from the briefing i attended at Infosec, so not sure how i could turn it into an article :/
      wish they still gave out the slides like they used to
    7. Sandy
      I'm not! But then I refuse to install Windows for Tellytubbies (WFTT), sorry XP on BIG_HAMISH :!:

      For me WFTT is an OS too far. As a systems admin I want control over the desktop :!: . It is my decision what goes there and what does not :oops: I want to be in control not the OS.
    8. Jakamoko
      Your not what ? :scratch

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