EU warns on Microsoft behaviour

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    EU warns on Microsoft behaviour

    Microsoft has not done enough to comply with sanctions imposed for breaking European anti-trust rules, the European Commission (EC) has said. The software giant was censured in 2004 for misusing its monopoly position in desktop PCs to extend its reach into other areas.

    The firm agreed to a 497m euro ($660m, £345m) fine and to make its software work better with competitors' products.

    But an EC spokesman said Microsoft was failing to deliver on its commitments.

    Full story: HERE
    BBC News
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    1. drum_dude
      Do you reckon that the EU uses the M$ money to fund the MEP's and EU Commisioner's expenses??? Next, it'll be Gordon Brown fining M$ for something so he can fund the NHS!!! LOL :)
    2. Jakamoko
      Now THAT'S what I call cynicism, Sacha ! :D
    3. drum_dude
      Yes...I also thought the same too!!!! :biggrin
    4. wizard
      Even better move gatesy over here, Gordon will be dancing in the corridors. :D

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