Earth Simulator loses its top spot

Discussion in 'News' started by Phoenix, Nov 9, 2004.

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    Earth Simulator loses the top spot

    The Earth Simulator lost its top spot in this years Top500 supercomputer index, it slipped down two places to third place

    The former fastest computer clocked up a staggering 35 Terraflops score, but thats nothing compared to what replaced it

    Blue Gene is an IBM machine currently in testing, It is being assembled for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, for the US Department of Energy. in its current incarnation it has recorded calculations upto 70 Teraflops a second, or twice what The Earth Simulator reached, this is a staggering feat, and it will be even faster when it is complete

    It's a long way from the worlds first super computer, the Cray-1, which was built almost 30 years ago, that reached a whopping 80 mega flops, Blue Gene is 5 million times faster!

    read the full report at the BBC
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    1. nugget
      I read about this in Scientific Computing last week Phoenix. Isn't it also something like 1/5th the size? Must check the article again. :oops:
    2. Phoenix
      yeah sorry for the late posting, been a touch busy and all, but remembering us talking about it all the other week figured it would be worth posting :)
    3. flex22
      Ahh what a shame.I really loved that earth simulator as well :dry
      neevrmind:!: all good things must pass blah blah...........

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