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Download limits to disappear

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    Download limits to disappear

    Internet users will no longer have to worry about download limits thanks to new technology, it has been claimed.

    Broadband expert Thomas Newton, from UK Web Media, said that data-intensive services like the BBC's iPlayer have been causing problems.

    He said that customers have had 'to pay extra for exceeding fair use policies and, in some extreme cases, temporarily lose access to broadband services altogether'.

    Read the whole article here.

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    1. zebulebu
      Yeah right. Tell that to the RIAA, MPIAA and BPI...

      The irony of it is there will probably be MORE limits placed on downloading as a result of filesharing than there are currently, even as next-gen DSL and fibre are (finally) rolled out. Anyway, unless you're on cable (whcih means Virgin as no-one else would even think of laying a fibre network to compete with them, even if we weren't about to enter an economic depression) it'll take years before BT get round to upgrading the copper - its not in their business interests to compete with cable. Even when they do finally get round to doing your exchange the contention rates will be ridiculous unless you subscribe for a high-tier service - which will be prohibitively expensive. 'Download limits to disappear' my arse - I think the operative word in that article is 'eventually'.

      Aren't you glad to have cheery ol' me me posting again? :biggrin
    2. onoski
      welcome back Zeb:)
    3. nugget
      Not really worried. Never had them here.:twisted:

      I've got a 5 Mbit line and I use it all.:twisted: (mostly for CF)
    4. grim
      i've always been a firm believer in use and abuse when it comes to bandwidth :)

    5. NightWalker
      There is no point in having a big fat pipe unless you flood it with data...
    6. grim
      yeah and it impresses the ladies... :hit

    7. Tinus1959
      Welcome back Zeb.
    8. cyphertheory
      i checked my use net account the otherday, ive downloaded 840Gb in the last year alone. id hate to think what that would have cost me in some of the restrictive broaband contracts there are out there!

      lucky to be with an unmetered service, long may it last. i cant see them giving up on the extra charges they get to give to customers, i bet they miss the days of dial-up, some of those old compuserve and aol contracts cost a small fortune.

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