Don't donate corporate secrets when discarding old hardware

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    Don't donate corporate secrets when discarding old hardware

    When it comes time to purchase new computers, how do you decide what to do with the old hardware? This is a growing concern for organizations, particularly when you consider the rate at which new technology makes its way to the market. The problem has even spawned its own buzzword—e-waste.

    For many companies, the best solution is to recycle old personal computers, donating them to schools, churches, or other organizations. While this approach is good for the environment, your corporate image, and a worthy cause, that doesn't necessarily mean your corporate security will fare as well.

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    1. Phoenix
      we only give out machines with no hard disks, most places are greatful that they only have to buy 100x 40 buck hard drives and not 100 machines :)
      we can then dispost of them / store them ourselves

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