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DNS Attack writer a victim of his own creation

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. wagnerk
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    DNS Attack writer a victim of his own creation

    HD Moore has been owned. That's hacker talk, meaning that Moore, the creator of the popular Metasploit hacking toolkit, has become the victim of a computer attack.

    It happened on Tuesday morning, when Moore's company, BreakingPoint, had some of its Internet traffic redirected to a fake Google page that was being run by a scammer. According to Moore, the hacker was able to do this by launching what's known as a cache poisoning attack on a DNS server on AT&T's network that was serving the Austin, Texas, area. One of BreakingPoint's servers was forwarding DNS traffic to the AT&T server, so when it was compromised, so was HD Moore's company.

    When Moore tried to visit Google.com, he was actually redirected to a fake page that served up a Google page in one HTML frame along with three other pages designed to automatically click on advertisements.

    To read the whole article, see here.

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    1. Crito
      Al-Quida hackers are taking over the internet! :rolleyes:
    2. BosonMichael
      Nice! Hope it hurt a bit...
    3. ffreeloader
      I wasn't ever going to post here again, this asinine comment so pissed me off I had to.

      The only reason this dns vulnerability didn't lead to huge problems on the internet is because all vendors took appropriate action, the person who discovered it didn't publish it but worked with the vendors to help them create a patch.

      The fact that a telco who provides major backbones for the internet did hade one of their dns servers compromised in a matter of hours of publishing the vulnerability shows just how serious this event could have been if everyone had taken Crito's attitude toward this. I guess some people are so ignorant or arrogant that they just can't help but shoot themselves in the foot over what they seemingly can't understand.

      If a major spate of patching dns servers hadn't already taken place before the vulnerability was released we wouldn't be talking about a single incident, but about hundreds of millions of dollars lost through undetectable phishing schemes, and the almost total loss of trust in e-commerce by the average individual. Billions of dollars of business would have been lost, and many thousands of IT people would have ended up out of work because the business income that supports their jobs would have been gone, perhaps for good.

      I can't believe someone who poses as an IT professional could be this ignorant and arrogant about something that was so potentially serious. To me it demonstrates a total lack of awareness of how important security is.
    4. Crito
      The vast majority of DNS servers STILL haven't been patched. Apple didn't even bother to make a patch until late last week. The fact that nothing major has happened PROVES this was blown way out of proportion. More security theater from the self-serving security industry.

      And as far as priorities are concerned, you might be right, I'm more than willing to sacrifice security for liberty. Unfortuantely I'm in the minority as most people seem willling to do just the opposite, sacrifice their freedom for some semblance of security, even if it's only imaginary security and not real.

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