Demand for IT staff 'at all-time high'

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    Demand for IT staff 'at all-time high

    According to the latest Technology Insights research report from e-skills UK, employment in this expanding sector is expected to grow at almost twice the average recorded in the country.

    Individuals are needed to fill brand new positions and those leaving the industry, with the highest upturns forecast in high-skill areas including software professionals and ICT managers, as well as IT strategy and planning staff.

    Article here.

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    1. dmarsh
      Well I guess 5/5 aint bad ! :biggrin
    2. shadowwebs
      I had better get studying soon then, I guess this is all down to smart phone apps being developed?
    3. TechTock
      Not if you live in Newcastle :(
    4. JK2447
      Funny this should be announced because in difficult financial times, my employer (an IT Service Provider) seems to be going from strength to strength, so I'm not entirely surprised.
    5. Coupe2T
      My only concern is how many of these jobs end up going offshore, or that are given to people coming from an offshore location on a temporary visa, further damaging the local job markets.

      I have seen a recent trend for people applying for jobs from overseas and landing a lot of them due to lower wage demands and so forth. The problem is many that I have known and have worked with me have only come over for a year, often in groups house sharing, send all the money back home and then leave again and more of them then appear to take over the same role. They seem to make agreements with the employers to have rolling staff year by year.

      I think the government seriously needs to do something about the offshoring of a lot of roles or the number of them being done by foreigners only here for a limited time. I know it's easier said than done, but it doesn't help the nationals over here when these jobs are slowly disappearing abroad or filled with essentially temporary workers who then send a majority of the money earned offshore, and so it leaves our economy.
    6. danielno8
      This certainly seems to be the case, as i am getting lots of calls at the minute from recruiters. This morning while taking a call from one recruiter, another was trying to call and left a voicemail.
    7. Boffy
      Showoff! 8)

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