Demand for IT contractors rises

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    Demand for IT contractors rises

    As the temperature rises, so does the need for temporary IT workers

    A report published this week has shown an increase in demand for IT contractors.

    Developers, Unix specialists, analysts, and project managers now command an average rate of £27.60 per hour, up from £27.01 in May, according to a Contractor UK market report. This is the highest rate paid to contractors this year, exceeding January's previous high of £27.56.

    This rate rise is partly caused by the summer, according to the report, with short-term contracts more common as full-time workers go on holiday. This is compounded by contractors themselves taking breaks after completing six-month contracts.

    For the full story.

    [Thanks to KeithNN for bringing this story]
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    1. The_Geek
      Speaking from expirence...........

      After only working at my new job 4 weeks, today 5 new contractors arrived ready to work.


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