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Death match: Windows Vista versus XP

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. tripwire45
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    Death match: Windows Vista versus XP

    So there you are, signing the "Save XP" petition, shaking your fist in triumph as you stick it to "the man." It's a liberating feeling. You've found the courage to buck the trend and jump off the Wintel upgrade treadmill. You feel empowered, enlightened. But still, there are these nagging doubts. Can you really skip the Vista upgrade cycle? Will Windows XP still be properly supported by Microsoft and, as a primary development target, by third parties? Is there something we've missed, some hidden gotcha that's going to trip us up 12, 18, or 24 months from now?

    Watch all "ten rounds" of the death match at InfoWorld.com.
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    1. The_Geek
      I've read a lot of InfoWorld articles, but none as "to the point" as this one. :D
    2. Mitzs
      The last time I read up on anything for xp, MS said it was going to support xp till 2014 I belive. They will have several more windows out by then so I should be able to by pass vista all togather. :biggrin Mary is still running 2000 on her personal computers with no prombles.
    3. greenbrucelee
      Good article that and its true if something aint broke why fix it? Vista may come good in time but MS will probably be launching Windows 7 by then.

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