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CSC to take over up to 350 IT passports staff

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. wagnerk
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    CSC to take over up to 350 IT passports staff

    Services supplier CSC is expected to take over about 350 IT staff, and will help build new passport and ID Card systems, after winning a 10-year £385m contract this week.

    CSC beat Fujitsu which had been shortlisted for the contract.

    It means that CSC will later this month begin to take over the running of the Oracle-based Passport Application Support System from Siemens which has been running the technology since 1999.

    Under TUPE regulations about 350 staff, most of them working for Siemens, are expected to transfer to CSC. Some were civil servants when they transferred to Siemens in 1999. As part of its deal CSC will take over the running of the passport service's desktop systems from Atos.

    Read the rest of the article here.

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    1. Mr.Cheeks
      Suprised they beat Fujitsu!
    2. derkit
      I'm not - especially how Fujitsu run the contracts they have already!!!
    3. JK2447
      Outsourcing seems to be the way forward. My mate's IT dept is getting taken over by Atos Origin in July
    4. JK2447
      Oh and just a little info for you if your interested. Any government contract that gets outsourced can only have the same provider for a maximum of 10 years, no matter how brilliant they are. Think its to stop any monopolising and MP's taking back handers for handing out contracts to the same company because these contracts are worth hundreds of millions.

      My mate works for the Home office and Logica have their IT. A guy who works for Atos tole me that about the 10 year clause by the way
    5. Mr.Cheeks
      one of the government contract was for ten years, but have actually been extended
    6. JK2447
      Hi Cheeks, I know the contracts are given out indefinitely but I'm pretty sure the same company can't have it again once the 10 years is up. Thats a what a top guy from Atos told me who was a civil servant years ago before Atos took over their work. He told me they (Atos) would be loosing the passport contract about 3 months ago. He reckons its a good thing to happen to you 90% of the time because the outsource companies are massive
    7. derkit
      They get around this by signing new contracts every so often, each contract is then rolled out over different releases - each release is a separate contract.
    8. JK2447
      Ah I didn't know that. There's a way around everything really isn't there. Apparently a popular trick is although TUPE means you keep your length of service, say your old employer paid 2 weeks pay per year served as redundancy, the new place only pays 1 week, effectively halving your redundancy payout :eek:

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