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Critical Windows 7 bug risks derailing product launch

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. tripwire45
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    Critical Windows 7 bug risks derailing product launch

    Oh boy! It appears that Microsoft’s glowing track record with Windows 7 is about to come to an abrupt and unceremonious end. According to various Web sources, the RTM build 7600.16385 includes a potentially fatal bug that, once triggered, could bring down the entire OS in a matter of seconds. The bug in question -- a massive memory leak involving the chkdsk.exe utility -- appears when you attempt to run the program against a secondary (that is, not the boot partition) hard disk using the "/r" (read and verify all file data) parameter. The problem affects both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and is classified as a "showstopper" in that it can cause the OS to crash (Blue Screen of Death) as it runs out of physical memory.

    Full story at InfoWorld.com.
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    1. Sparky
      New OS, same problems.

      Will still buy it though..... :biggrin
    2. Modey
      Apparently there is a fix already though. Just don't run Chkdsk /r on the secondary partition! :)

      In all seriousness though, who doesn't expect bugs with a brand new OS? I'm on home laptop typing this using the W7 beta which has worked flawlessly thus far. I use the 64bit RC on my work laptop (which gets a lot of use) and that has also been great. I'll be perfectly happy to go with the RTM to be honest.
    3. ThomasMc
      Not a problem for me as I've always been a big fan of SpinRite :biggrin
    4. BosonMichael
      Fix: del chkdsk

    5. danielno8
      Source http://www.chris123nt.com/2009/08/03/critical-bug-in-windows-7-rtm
    6. supernova
      Yes i brought spinrite 6 must have been 5 years ago now. I know that Steve Gibson turned down several companies including Symantec who wanted to buy it.

      However, spinrite has either stopped development or is at snail pace.

      Steve Gibson was a talking about better NTFS file by file recovery, better SATA, USB and RAID support that was around the time i brought it.... i am a little sad that these havent been introduced.

      Also the way it relies in SMART isn't all that good, because SMART results tend to be erroneous on many disks.

      but over all its good.
    7. JonnyMX
      There's always something if you look hard enough.
      'Our scien-icians found that be smearing jam on the keyboard, typing FORMAT C: and then pouring soup in through the air vents rendered a PC running Windows 7 vitually unusable.'

    8. UKDarkstar
    9. Modey
    10. tripwire45
      I'm pretty sure that's a Linux killer, too. Might even stop a Mac dead in its tracks. :wink:

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