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Corsair Unveils the First 1000W Power Supply with 3-Way SLI

Discussion in 'News' started by Mitzs, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Mitzs
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    1. greenbrucelee
      It would be nice if I had a system that could take 3 GPUs to go with that PSU :(
    2. Gaz 45
      Gaz 45
      It would be nice if I had a bank balance that could take 3 GPUs!
    3. Phoenix
      three GPUs are not as pricey as one would think

      whilst a top of the line graphics card can be had for 400 - 500 quid
      former top of the line ones can be had for 150 - 250 quid
      at the lower end of that price point, you can get three for the same price as the current top end, and often out perform it provided the game really takes advantage of SLI

      I still just have the one 8800 GTX 768, but I used to have two 7950 GX2s (both had twin GPUs on board), my 8800 beats them, but it was a league apart, I can pick up a second 8800 GTX for 190 quid now, and a third if I wanted, although my board will only support tow

      I'm pretty sure two 8800 GTX could beat an 8800 ultra, or maybe even a 9800 (mid range)

      I think 2 way SLI is enough for most gamers.. it amazes me how some of the hard core gamers have the cash for this stuff, I'm not a 'hardcore' gamer anymore, I dont have enough time with games to warrant that sort of money anymore, spend to much time actually earning it! :)

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