Confessions of a Zotob Worm Author

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    Confessions of a Zotob Worm Author

    Last week, with the arrest of two men thought to be responsible for unleashing the destructive Zotob, Mytob and Rbot family of computer worms, it came to light that investigators believe these guys were somehow making money off of their creations. Officials at the FBI and Microsoft said evidence indicates that Farid Essebar, 18, a Moroccan national born in Russia who went by the screen moniker “Diabl0," developed the worms for sale to Atilla Ekici, aka “Coder,” a 21-year-old citizen of Turkey. The story I reported last week said Moroccan officials believe the two men are linked to a credit card fraud ring. Now another source claims to have had contact with Diabl0 a month before his arrest, and in their conversation Essebar claimed he was using the worm to infect computers with spyware and adware.

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