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CompTIA to Increase Exam Security

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. SimonV

    SimonV Petabyte Poster Administrator


    CompTIA to Increase Exam Security

    In order to enhance certification exam security, CompTIA will require all test-takers worldwide to have their photo taken and signature recorded as part of the admissions process at all Pearson VUE testing centers. These changes will take effect December 1, 2012.

    CompTIA believes these new measures will decrease the likelihood of test item theft, proxy testing and other forms of exam fraud.

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    1. TechTock
      Can't really see this making a difference as I don't really see CompTIA exams being worth taking these days.
    2. mackie
      I think that you need to respect that there are a lot of people who for their own reasons are working on CompTIA exams.
    3. TechTock
      I've taken CompTIA exams and it's an opinion I'm not asking you to agree with it but you need to respect that as well. CompTIA have in my opinion lost a lot of their worth when they introduced their retake policy. For an entry level cert this is pointless as nobody is going to retake the exams as by the time they lapse most people are further on in their career. Personally if I was starting over now I would read the exam books and learn the material but not sit the exams.
    4. Rob1234
      If by the time they lapse most people are further on in their career then as you say they are an entry level cert and they helped people enter the IT job market seems they have done what they set out to do perfectly well.
    5. TechTock
      I would study the material for sure as it helps with basic knowledge. As for the exams they hold very little sway in the UK at least with employers. They are also vastly overpriced and they lost a lot of appeal with their retake policy whoch was the biggest letdown when they choose to do this.

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