CompTIA: Advancing Women in IT

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    CompTIA: Advancing Women in IT

    CompTIA have introduced a new mentoring program for women of all ages who are currently in or aspire to pursue careers in IT. The mentoring program is the brainchild of the CompTIA Advancing Women in IT Community, which serves as a vital information resource for women in the IT industry. The newly launched mentoring program reinforces the group’s commitment to empowering women with the knowledge and skills necessary to help in their pursuit of successful IT careers, as well as inspiring other women to join the IT industry.

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    1. pete.grant
      We're meant to live in an equal society yet this type of thing still prevails. The mind boggles! Why is that these day's it's not appropriate for EVERYONE to be on the same playing field? I know there will be some that claim because of the lack of women in the industry this type of thing is what's needed but could it not just be the case that there are some jobs that women are not as interested in as men are, the way in which the majority of men would not be interested in becoming beauticians? It's not sexism it's just life!
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    2. dmarsh
      Yes in general I'm against positive discrimination, I do not believe the fairer sex is suitably disadvantaged in order to make this sort of thing necessary.

      Where is the mentoring program for young men? Why do women deserve/require better/different treatment ?

      While there certainly is a very low number of females in IT, its not that rare, I've worked with females in various roles from Business Analyst, Project Manager, DBA, Programmer, Web Developer, Tester, IT support.

      On the technical side I'd have to say females are outnumbered 10:1 (maybe as high as 50:1 for programmers), but in the management and customer facing roles numbers tend to be higher.

      I'd also mention that on an anecdotal note maybe 50% of my managers have been female, and generally they were not as good as their male counterparts, instead of possibly bringing the many positive attributes that we tend to associate predominately with women, many of them had a ruthless streak and often they were less technically able.

      Personally I expect females are simply not as interested in inanimate objects as men in general (well I guess they do buy shoes..), they are simply not prepared to stare at a screen for the hours required in order to master the subject matter with relatively little assistance.

      Id be interested to find out what women think on the issue of why there are not more women in technical roles, after all girls generally do better at maths so it does seem strange.

      If you think its just a role model thing, well personally I'd rather have my role models be the best in their field than discount them because they are the wrong sex, but I guess subconsciously at a younger age being able to readily identify with a role model might be important.

      We could argue if there should be more mentoring and tuition, and certainly I think there should be at all levels (that's why I joined certforums) however this is a separate issue to positive discrimination schemes.
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