Cisco Unveils Rich Media Communications Specialist Cert

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    Cisco Unveils Rich Media Communications Specialist Cert

    Cisco Systems released a new certification last week that will help ensure more individuals possess the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out premium audio, video and Web conferences. The Cisco Rich Media Specialist credential will evaluate candidates’ capabilities with the company’s products in this area and also imbue them with a general sense of concepts involved with Web and video conferencing, said Don Field, Cisco’s senior manager of certifications. “In practice, as with anyone who earns any certification, what someone will encounter on the job may include technologies that aren’t covered in a particular certification,” he said. “We’ve picked areas where the individual is demonstrating specific competency with certain Cisco products and technologies but is also likely to be demonstrating a general competency in this area, so that if they encounter a technology they’re not familiar with, that individual is much more likely to be able to learn what they might not have encountered in our certification.”

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    Certifications: A+ and Network+


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