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Certification Smart?

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. tripwire45
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    Certification Smart?

    This brings up the constantly reveled war between Linux and Open Source vs. Proprietary or Closed Source solutions. While it's true that MCSE's are a dime a dozen and Linux/UNIX professionals are a little hard to come by, it should also be noted that there are balancing natures of the two. First off, almost anyone can get an MCSE without really learning how to 'be' an MCSE. A few years back it made headlines that an eight year old child from India earned an MCSE, and I know of a former co-worker that memorized all kinds of Microsoft Test-Kings and got nearly every Microsoft certification under the sun, but in reality he's just a Program Manager... granted, he's an awesome geek, but he's never actually worked as a DBA. The same effort cannot be applied to earning a Linux/UNIX certification like Linux+, RHCT, RHCE, RHCA, RHCSS, and SCSA. In the Linux/UNIX certification tests, there are labs, with real dynamic questions that you can't just memorize.

    It seems like this writer has a very "Linux-centric" approach to certifications you may not all agree with. Still...it's an interesting read. Find the rest of it Here.
    Certifications: A+ and Network+


    1. Bluerinse
      I think the writer is assuming that all MCSE's are braindumpers. This I find insulting.

      Personally, in the real world I don't know a single MCSE. Even on our site, they are few and far between. I do not think they are a dime a dozen either. Sheesh, I have spent years learning this stuff, hence I don't appreciate some bozo trashing my hard work :x

      Thanks for posting it trip :eek:
    2. tripwire45
      I *did* post a disclaimer, Pete. :wink:
    3. Bluerinse
      I am not shooting the messenger Trip, I just felt like venting a bit of hot air :twisted:
    4. tripwire45
      No worries, Pete. :wink:

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