Carlys Gone, HPQ up 10%!

Discussion in 'News' started by Phoenix, Feb 9, 2005.

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    Carlys gone, HPQ up 10%!

    Thats right, Carly Fiorina has stepped down as CEO and Chairwoman of HP today after a dispute with the board!
    HP has been in somewhat of a downward spin since 2002 when Carly pushed through the compaq merger, and has been the reason behind thousands of lay offs and the shutting down of some of HPs best divisions
    The industry in general seems pleased with the move, with HPQ jumping 10% at points earlier, an increase in value of over 7 billion dollars (wonder how she feels knowing she had a -$7bn impact on the company)
    (reports have been coming in of HP staff celebrating in thier labs/cube farms most of the day) :)

    Full story: here
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    1. tripwire45
      I read that earlier. I worked as a temp for HP for about six months and I have friends over there who are singing: "Ding dong, the witch is dead" gleefully. :biggrin
    2. DiamondGeezer
      I can only add to the glee that is the exit of mistress fiorina. I've been working at the erskine plant in scotland for 8.5 years now, which was a great place to work before Capellas, Fiorinas soon to be whipping boy, and the arrival of HP. The transition from being a Compaq employee to an HP lackie was not well taken from the workforce in general. We used to recieve profit sharing twice a year which usually took the shape of £1000 upwards. When we were well and truly into Hp's workforce model the profit shares dwindled along with other benefits that we probably had taken for granted previously. Then in April of last year we were outsourced to work for an agency, Manpower Services, where to say the least it cant get more dismal.

      A few of the lads are arranging a nice big Rasberry basket for her and farewell card with at least 100 hairy backsides photographed on it so she can see what a shafting she is responsible for.

      Feel better now thats off me chest........phewww!!!

      Just hope IMS aint monitoring this post, I'm at work. :ohmy
    3. DiamondGeezer
      By the way, the previous post could have been how would you say.....COLOURFULL.....but I thought I'd give the moderators a break and didint want to see CONTENT EDITED between every 5 words or so.

      See I aint a bitter sod after all :p :) :D :rolleyes:
    4. Jakamoko
      LOL...Thanks Dave - appreciate it :wink:
    5. MrNice
      I bet she aint to sad about it, big fat $45million pay off and now she is in the running for the world bank job, well i never..... :ohmy
    6. nugget
      The best way to get stinking rich. Get a top line job, screw it all up, and then they'll pay you more to leave than you would've made by staying there.:blink
    7. DiamondGeezer
      Just like Capellas did whe the " merger " was done and dusted. he waited for 3 months till the smoke had cleared then left his 2nd in command post to collect around 30 million US dollars in shares.........It must really suck at the top with all that corporate pressure and all.
    8. punkboy101
      Yup, the beauty of the golden handshake

      Can't believe they get away with it. :x

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