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Bugs to delay Office launch

Discussion in 'News' started by Mr.Cheeks, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Mr.Cheeks

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    Bugs to delay Office launch

    MICROSOFT has delayed releasing its Office word-processing, email and spreadsheet program so it can improve its performance and design.

    Office 2007 for businesses, which was to be released in October, will now be unveiled a few weeks later, but before the end of the year, vice-president Antoine Leblond says.

    It will be available in stores in January as planned, he says.

    The delay is a setback for Microsoft, which has struggled to release its Office and Windows products on time.....

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    1. Bluerinse
      Hmmm, interestingly one of my customers kids decided to download the beta version of Office onto their main family PC. Buggy it was, as it crashed all the time so they uninstalled it and re-installed Office 2003. However this did not return their old version to a usable working one, as the outlook.pst file was altered in such a way that Office 2003 read it as corrupt.

      I was not able to repair the pst file using scanpst.exe even though the utility said it was corrupt and had been repaired. Hence all I could retrieve from his old pst was his contacts, which I was able to export to a csv file and import into a new pst.

      Moral: Don't install beta software on production computers or ones that are used for important work.
    2. zimbo
      Another delay? :ohmy i also had to remove office 2007 beta from a pc after it crashed everything.. had to wipe the drive clean and start again so like harry says keep away from it for a while more. :twisted:
    3. tripwire45
    4. zimbo
      oh thats true... this isnt of a major shock i mean it is beta and thats why its called beta for these crashes and bugs to be fixed.. i actually emailled the crash in but i didnt get a reponse so im not sure if anyone actually got it or not.

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