Broadband through the sewers

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">Broadband through the sewers</font>

    Thousands of Scottish homes could soon get high-speed internet access through the sewerage system. Scottish Water has launched a pilot scheme in Rosyth and believes leasing sewage pipes to broadband providers could drive down internet costs. It also avoids the problem of digging up streets to lay wires and could bring access to remote parts of Scotland.

    Scottish Water said the first stretches of cables would be installed by the end of this week. Commercial director Chris Banks said it is a project that has been in the pipeline for some time. "Our partner Fibrelink is financing the network, the fibre that actually goes down the sewers, we are simply renting out the sewers to them," he said.

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    1. tripwire45
      I've heard of an under-the-table discount, but...
    2. nugget
      Hey great news, now you can get internet access through the bathroom.

      Would this mean you could "flush" your post to Bill Gates? :roll:

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