Broadband access affects property prices

Discussion in 'News' started by Luton Bee, Sep 4, 2003.

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">Broadband runs like water </font>

    Broadband is increasingly becoming regarded as a basic utility - such as gas, electricity and water - and could affect the value and take-up of commercial property developments.

    What's more, broadband is no longer exclusive to office developments, but is being regarded as a key asset for retail and industrial premises, according to UK-based commercial property consultancy Lambert Smith Hampton.

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    1. Sandy
      According to our local shark (sorry Estate Agent) it does affect residential prices
    2. Luton Bee
      Luton Bee
      My style of writing seems to have changed somewhat!!!

      Big Brother type stuff at work!!!! :eek:
    3. SimonV

      Ok it was, I'm working on a How To for posting New as the posts her go on the front page.
    4. Luton Bee
      Luton Bee
      I don't mind Si though it would be an idea if an edit showed in the post. tag line such as "post edited by --- at ------"
    5. SimonV
      Thas does happen Luton but seems only if there is a reply to the post, if the post has no reply then no edit tags are posted. I'll add this to my list to check out.


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