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Blackberry services down in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Discussion in 'News' started by GiddyG, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. GiddyG

    GiddyG Terabyte Poster Gold Member


    Blackberry services down in Europe, Middle East and Africa

    Millions of Blackberry owners across Europe, the Middle East and Africa have been left without services following a server crash.

    Owners of the smartphones were unable to browse the web, send email or instant messages.

    The problem appears to have originated in a datacentre in Slough which handles Blackberry services for the affected regions.

    Blackberry UK said it knew about the problem and was "investigating".

    Full Story here


    1. j1mgg
      Tell me about it. My laptop crashed on our safeguard login this morning aswell so I had to rebuild that. Not had access to emails for most of the day and don't have a clue what is going on.
    2. derkit
      Seriously though - "Europe, Middle East and Africa" all hit from Slough?!

      Someone didn't have great redundancy did they?!
    3. GiddyG
    4. Apexes
    5. GiddyG
    6. Apexes
      Aye, had about 15 users in work complaining already :mrgreen:
    7. ThomasMc
      Me to :D turns out the whole world is going to end now that BBM is down LOL!
    8. Azim
      what is more annoying is that idiots wont stop passing messages around saying that this is because RIM are planning to start charging customer, blah blah blah
    9. GiddyG
      Well, we're starting to see emails winging their way from our BES servers now... here's hoping the issues are resolved.
    10. dales
      quite the opposite actually as now no one can communiate the next rioting location.

      we've got BESx here but I didn't see any issues at all.
    11. alexdc12
      i welcomed this issue, as i came home to a wife yesterday and not a blackberry!
      Had enough phone calls in work about it tho!
    12. derkit
      Just had the City AM (city newspaper in London) tech writer on and he said that the business infrastructure of RIM is different to that of the "normal" consumer infrastructure - it's only the consumer side that has gone down. Allegedly!
    13. GiddyG
      Heh heh... allegedly indeed. My RIM contact confirmed impact on BES as well as BIS. Still seeing issues this morning... :(
    14. Boffy
      Our BES is still having problems this morning as well.

      Typical to happen oin the day of an awards event we're hosting, I could really do without this right now :(

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