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Are you ready to have every move you make tracked online UK?

Discussion in 'News' started by Mitzs, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Mitzs
    Honorary Member

    Mitzs Ducktape Goddess


    Are you ready to have every move you make tracked online UK?

    For years, Internet service providers have watched with envy as the likes of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft sliced up the online advertising pie. Selling Internet access has been a decent business, but selling Web advertising has been an even better one. Now three Internet providers in Britain have gotten together to try to grab a plump piece of online advertising for themselves. Last week, BT, Carphone Warehouse and Virgin Media announced a deal with a company called Phorm, whose technology tracks Web users and serves them ads related to their interests.

    Hope none of you are being naughty! International Herald Tribune.
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    1. zebulebu
    2. sunn
      ISP’s trying to make money off advertisers doesn’t seem new. Getting together and making it happen does seem new :)

      As for communications being monitored, this also seems old. Like Zeb’s post shows, governments have been ‘monitoring’ communications for quite sometime.
    3. The_Geek

      Define "naughty" please.
    4. Mitzs
      Yes but to monitor you just to spam you? That does not seem right to me.
    5. Mitzs
      I suggest you use your imagination. If I explain it I'll prob be banned for life. Not to mention if I have to tell you. Then your not old enough to know. :twisted::biggrin
    6. tripwire45
      I think TG just wants to hear you talk "dirty". :twisted:
    7. sunn
      Agreed, but monitoring all communications - becasue they can - doesn't see right either.
    8. grim
      if you use those ISPs you've only got your self to blame :p

    9. The_Geek
      You mean porn? Here's my point:

      When did it become illegal? As an adult I have the right to look at whatever website I want to in the privacy of my home (excluding child or animal stuff, that's just nasty). So why is looking at porn being "naughty"? It's 100% legal and if some company wants to track a persons web visits then more power to them. If some company wants to track my web visits they're going to get a list of Linux and M$ sites. And IF they use that info to send spam emails I'll let my spam filter handle it.
    10. The_Geek
      Oh please...I just ate and would like to prevent it from coming back up. :D
    11. sunn
      You may have "the right to look at whatever website" you want (excluding illegal content), but when did you lose your right to do it in your own privacy? At least somewhat private.

      When did visiting an adult site warrant XXX pop-ups on my computer? What if children started to use that computer and they got bombarded with the spam?

      Sure my kids have there own computer, but many families don’t have this luxury. I don’t see how this is appropriate. At the very least there has to be controls in place. An idea might be to make advertising policies similar to T.V advertising.
    12. BosonMichael
      Girl, that's been going on for YEARS. :blink

      Doesn't make it right... but this is certainly not a "new" thing.
    13. Mitzs
      Since when do ISP monitor us here to send us spam?
    14. Mitzs
      I don't belive I mention porn, trip did. Let him whisper sweet nothings in your ear. :dry
    15. tripwire45
      I did *not* mention pr0n. I just said that TG probably wanted to hear you talk "dirty". If you talking "dirty" is pr0n, that's not my fault. :wink:
    16. BosonMichael
      Depends entirely on the ISP. And just because you don't hear about it doesn't mean they're not doing it.
    17. Mr.Cheeks
      targeted advertising springs to mind in the eyes of ISP's
      SPAM springs to mind for everyone else

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