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Apple's iOS 5 upgrade causing problems

Discussion in 'News' started by GiddyG, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. GiddyG

    GiddyG Terabyte Poster Gold Member


    Apple's iOS 5 upgrade causing problems

    Apple's newly-released operating system, iOS 5, has been causing problems for some of those trying to download it.

    The free software update, which promises 200 new features, has been so popular that Apple's servers appear to have struggled to keep up with demand.

    Many users complained on Apple forums that the download was taking time, with some having to retry many times.

    Others blame software bugs for "bricking" phones.

    "I tried about 5 times and I got it finally. It sounds like a server issue. It has nothing to do with security. Just keep trying," advised one frustrated iPhone owner.

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    1. Theprof
      I had to restore my phone when doing the update... forutnately I backed it up before. I would recommend for everyone to do the same, backup your phone first then attempt the update. this also happened to a friend of mine and from reading online this happened to quite a few people.... Then again, this is not the first time that I had to restore my phone from doing iOS updates.

      Non the less, the update is pretty sweet!
    2. zxspectrum
      OK so ive done the update, and ive got my music, but ive not got my apps, is it now of a case of restoring the phone etc, or will that roll back to the last version of the apple software that was on , IE, 4.3.5??? I backed the phone up and i want my apps back on the phone, ive done a sync, but theres no option for putting the apps on ???

    3. zxspectrum
      Ignore that last one

    4. wagnerk
      Since I have the 3G, I haven't had a problem updating my phone - as I can't, it hasn't been supported for a while...
    5. ThomasMc
      No location reminders on iPad 2(3G) makes me sad :( tis a bit odd that only the iPhone 4/4S have this as even the iPod can do wifi triangulation
    6. jvanassen
      I didnt have any problems. Loving all the new features aswell, i think Apple just killed off every other mobile phone producer with all these new features lol.
    7. diesel
      Ok, I'll bite. What amazing new feature does it have, that I should be trading my Galaxy sII in for ?
    8. jvanassen
      lol Sorry but im not going to sit and list them all because im tired, cant be bothad and have been pointing different features out to friends all day. But the new update has really impressed me....just one update for instance: Location Reminders; instead of the standard on all phones of setting a reminder and getting it to go off at a certain date and time. You can set a location so when you get to work it pops up with that reminder or when you get home it reminds you of something you had to do etc.
    9. diesel
      Nothing like the location feature Androids had for the last couple of years then, that does things like turn your wifi on/off, adjusts your phone volume, gives you reminders etc all based on er...location.
    10. jvanassen
      lol nice attitude pal...If Andriod has got it aswell then fair play, i was mearly saying that it impressed me and i thought i was really clever......Since i just own the one phone and not one of each brand i can only really see what features MY phone has got....
    11. diesel
      No attitude, merely pointing out that it may be a bit premature to declare the demise of all other manufacturers.
    12. Fergal1982
      I'm liking iOS 5 at the moment myself.

      I had a few goes at getting it to run, getting a 3200 error every time. Eventually it threatened to wipe my entire device before upgrading. I let it (the second time it asked), and now have 5 running successfully. My iPad, on the other hand, worked first time.

      I'm liking the look of iMessage (although haven't got a chance to use it yet) - basically it's BBM (Messages over wi-fi/3G). It's no skin of my nose as I have unlimited messages, but I like the fact that it is integrated into the Message app, and automatically decides if it should use iMessage, or regular text messaging. No screwing around with another app to use it (which I always hated with BBM - and never used it).

      Location based reminders sounds good in theory, but we'll see how it works out.

      The notifications list is pretty good. And as soon as I work out exactly how I want it, it will be good. The only downside I see to it, is that once the message has come in, beyond the initial dropdown indicating its receipt, there doesnt appear to be an obvious icon indicating notifications. You can leave the app badges on, but that kind of defeats the purpose in my mind.

      Disappointed that Siri didn't make it onto the iPhone 4, as it looked very cool.

      Admittedly, most of this is nothing new to Android users. But it's nice for the iPhone. I've historically found that Android devices are just not quite as good/easy to use as an iPhone, and at the end of the day, I dont really want/need the configurability that an Android device would give me. I just want it to work, easily, and intuitively. The iPhone fits that niche for me.
    13. DC Pr0Mo
      DC Pr0Mo
      Took me about 8 attempts to update the bloody thing, got there in the end, very impressed with it, tasks for exchange was much needed.

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