Apple updates entry-level IT certification for Mountain Lion

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Aug 11, 2012.

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    Apple updates entry-level IT certification

    The first Mountain Lion training guide and IT certification for OSX 10.8 has been released by Apple. The Apple Certified Associate Mac Integration certification, first offered following the release of Lion, is available for free. The course does charge $65 to take the on-line exam, but one free retake is allowed. The guidebook for the course is only available as a PDF

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    1. Kitkatninja
      I may study and upgrade my ACA cert as I'll be adding a new Apple server to my network soon...
    2. subliminalsmurf
      I'll be looking at a Mac cert next year. I'm preparing for the inevitable. We opened the flood gates with a few iPads and a couple of MacBooks here and there and now it's time to get prepped. I bought myself an MBP so I could sharpen my OSX knowledge, in fact i'm using it right now. It's like a holiday every time I open it up and don't have to use Windows / Linux. HA!

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