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Anger at UK file-sharing policy

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. UKDarkstar
    Honorary Member

    UKDarkstar Terabyte Poster

    Following on from this News yesterday :

    Anger at UK file-sharing policy

    Internet service providers (ISPs) have reacted with anger to new proposals on how to tackle internet piracy.

    The government is proposing a tougher stance which would include cutting off repeat offenders from the net.

    UK ISP Talk Talk said the recommendations were likely to "breach fundamental rights" and would not work.

    Virgin said that "persuasion not coercion" was key in the fight to crack down on the estimated six million file-sharers in the UK.

    TalkTalk's director of regulation Andrew Heaney told the BBC News the ISP was as keen as anyone to clamp down on illegal file-sharers.

    Full story and comments :
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    1. wagnerk
      I agree :)

    2. JK2447
      Looks like Richie B agree's with you mate. I suppose its a very didgy subject really because as people have said, honest people may get tied in with pirates causing all sorts of mayhem, people changing service providers, complains etc etc.
    3. wagnerk
      Yeah, I mean, if you change peoples minds about downloading illegal material, then they won't. But if you use coercions and penalties, people will always find ways around it. Take away the market for such things...

      However like everything else, it's easier said then done...

    4. rax
      It was obvious that the ISP's would be against disconnecting their users - they'll lose money. Why would they want to lose money so that the entertainment industry can earn more/not lose as much?

      Really the problem lies with how the entertainment industry refuses to change how they run. Their prices should be lowered and the material should be easier to access. iTunes does a good job of bringing music to consumers at a fairer price - in shops singles are just way overpriced.

      Spotify is doing a great job but it lacks some vital features like being able to use the service on iPod/mp3 players and even if they brought it to these devices, you would be relying on mobile internet all the time (add in usage policies etc. not nice).
    5. Magicarp
      If they were really concerned then they would create an ultra-cheap direct-download services of movies/series in HD and music in lossless formats ;) . Why doesn't the government involve themselves in this? Isn't the government there to serve the people?
    6. BosonMichael
      Yes... including the people who create music, movies, books, and other media. Remember them?
    7. michael78
      at first I didn't have a lot of sympathy for record companies due to them ripping people off for CD's. Now with new CD's around £6 at places like bangcd I don't think there is any reason to download them. I used to download CD's to see if I liked them and then would buy them as I like owning the CD but now with you tube I can usually listen to the track and then decide to buy the CD or not.

      I think piracy has also destroyed the PC games market in a sense as the PC version of a game is usually the week link in a games release with sloppy ported controls. Then again some games publishers have driven people to pirate games with the use of DRM in games, you just need to look at spore as an example.
    8. Josiahb
      If you look outside the world of dodgy console ports you'll find a lot of inventive and creative games are being released all the time in the PC market. The problem is they haven't got the marketing budget of the multi-platform titles so you have to look a little harder.

      Saying that, I haven't actually bought a new game for my PC in a shop for ages. I've picked them all up through digital distribution via Steam etc, something which tends to remove the DRM headaches entirely.
    9. michael78
      Eventhough Steam has DRM I do like it but new releases are why over priced and the Steam GUI is a little rubbish and is long due an overhaul.
    10. BosonMichael
      Eh, I like Steam's GUI. It works a LOT better than the Web-based crap front-end put out by Gametap. Watch out for what you wish for... you just might get that overhaul and come to regret it.
    11. michael78
      What I don't like about Steam is the boring way it lists your games. I wished you could have icons instead of lists in the games panel like in the games panel in Vista/Windows 7. The rest I like apart from some of the prices they charge for games.
      Last edited: Sep 6, 2009
    12. Magicarp
      Yeah I know. But things are changing in the way media is distributed so maybe they could set up some "get with it" initiative instead of labelling more people as criminals. They could be in cahoot with the movie companies. All the money/resources will be pooled into enterprise, giving more people jobs in these bad economy times. For instance, the government could pay people to go through all the media libraries and create high-quality rips, archiving them .etc.... Someone else could get money off the government for being a server..... You could get various digital shops who buy the movies direct from the movie companies, which would create opportunity for many new businesses.

      My solution is infinitely better then the governments. All they want to do is waste resources. Waste it on labelling people as criminals. Waste in tracking people, invading privacy, wasting bandwidth, CPU, RAM = WASTING ELECTRICITY = WASTING ENERGY = THEY ARE HIPPOCRITES (telling us to be "green", yet doing the opposite with their actions). As if the webs not bloated enough these days. They want to fatten it up more?!?! These guys obviously don't understand computers.

      So I give you all my idea for free. If any of you are political campaigners, its a good idea to run with. I can't bothered because I don't think anything I say will ever change anything. They install the cameras, do the stop and searches anyway....
    13. BosonMichael
      You obviously haven't taken advantage of their Weekend Deals, have you? :)
    14. michael78
      There are some good weekend deals but they tend to be on the older or indie games. Retail games are vastly overpriced on Steam compared to online prices or even highstreet prices which is a shame.
    15. BosonMichael
      Those are the games you don't buy on Steam. :) Always use the right tool for the right job... ;)

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