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AMD Fusion details leaked: 40/32 nm, dual-core CPU, RV800 graphics

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. wagnerk
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    AMD Fusion details leaked: 40/32 nm, dual-core CPU, RV800 graphics

    Taipei (Taiwan) – AMD pushed Fusion as one of the main reasons to justify its acquisition of ATI. Since then, AMD’s finances have changed colors and are now deep in the red, the top management has changed, and Fusion still isn’t anything AMD wants to discuss in detail. But there are always “industry sources” and these sources have told us that Fusion is likely to be introduced as a half-node chip.

    It appears that AMD’s engineers in Dresden, Markham and Sunnyvale have been making lots of trips to little island of Formosa lately - the home of contract manufacturer TSMC, which will be producing Fusion CPUs. Our sources indicated that both companies are quite busy laying out the productions scenarios of AMD’s first CPU+GPU chip.

    The first Fusion processor is code-named Shrike, which will, if our sources are right, consist of a dual-core Phenom CPU and an ATI RV800 GPU core. This news is actually a big surprise, as Shrike was originally rumored to debut as a combination of a dual-core Kuma CPU and a RV710-based graphics unit. A few more quarters of development time gave AMD time to continue working on a low-end RV800-based core to be integrated with Fusion. RV800 chips will be DirectX 10.1 compliant and are expected to deliver a bit more than just a 55 nm-40 nm dieshrink.

    Read the whole story here.

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    1. greenbrucelee
      Sounds ambitious to me. The way I see it Nvidia will still have the market for a while unless AMD/ATi drastically drop their prices which by the sounds of things they can't really afford to do.

      And also as your thread pointed out the other day Intel or on the way into the GPU market who knows what ruptions that will cause. Possibly someone going out of business and it won't be Nvida or Intel.
    2. NightWalker
      Its getting towards make or break time for them I think. Be a shame if AMD/ATI have to shut up shop, they have made some very very good tech over the years.
    3. greenbrucelee
      Yes it's a shame but I think it's coming unless they pull out all the stops.
    4. BosonMichael
      Agreed. The ATI purchase couldn't have come at a worse time for AMD, what with nVidia doing so well, and right before Intel releasing the C2D to recapture the CPU crown.

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