Achieving secure unwired bliss

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Oct 24, 2003.

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">Achieving secure unwired bliss </font>

    Thanks to Tripwire45 for this article. Winn Schwartau writes an artilce on converting your mobile phone into a perfectly good cellular modem that connects to the Internet at a fixed speed of 230.4K bit/sec. For free!

    Full Story:
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    1. Phil
      Now that made interesting reading! If it works in the UK could it be a solution to the rural broadband issue? Hope so :)
    2. Nelix
      Does anyone know wheather this will work in the UK, and which Mobile Network was he using?????
    3. tripwire45
      First of all, thank you Si for "prettying up" the article submission. When I just posted a news article didn't show up with a nice header and looked awful. Secondly, since you brought it up Derek, you might want to head the investigation (be careful of the questions you ask) either by seeing if Network World has a separate UK publication you can access (some journals do and some don't) or perhaps by contacting the author via e-mail and seeing what he'd suggest.

      I access dozens of articles a day on various technical matters either via e-mail, the web, or as print. I read them like a non-techie reads the newspaper...focusing on the articles that interest me and disregarding the rest (I don't have time to read everything). Most I don't pass along but this one caught my interest. If someone can make use of free, wireless internet connections...that would be great. Good luck.
    4. Nelix
      OK, I'm on the Case

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