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A taste of Windows 8

Discussion in 'News' started by AJ, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. AJ

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    Building "Windows 8"

    The future of things to come. What do you think?
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    1. greenbrucelee
      Looks good but I wonder how much the hardware will cost to make it as seemless as it is in the video.
    2. Sparky
      Seems to just dump it back into Windows 7 when you want to do something productive. :)
    3. kfoulks2011
      Very interesting video, thank you for sharing it. I was a little skeptical at the first of the video. I did not see the start menu and the typical file system that is associated with a Windows PC. It looked to me like they were trying to become more like some of the more popular touch screen smart phones, and I dont think that would make for a very productive operating system. I didnt notice the start menu until he pulled up Excel andy once i noticed it I kind of lost my initial bad reaction.

      Im still a little skeptical about this though. It seems very handy for someone who has a touch screen, but seems like it might be a pain for someone with a mouse. Also I think the on screen keyboard is a bad idea. Most people type 100+ words a minute. Will that be possible on the touch screen? Doubtful. Also I dont think that this will be very effective in a business environment.

      Those are my thoughts and my opinions of first look. Ill be looking into it a little more closer to release date.
    4. wagnerk
      According to the article I read, it (Windows 8) requires fewer resources than Windows 7 and that you can switch between the two interfaces.

    5. steve_p1981
      looks like a big i pad, i wouldn't want to have to hold my arms out to type on it all the time and move the screens about and mouse and key board looks like it might be a pain. If you can choose a theme to replicate older windows much like vista allows you to change to a less resourse intensive windows 2000 type set up then that will be fine. Looks like they migh be expecting most general users to use the tablet type pc's (which i don't personally like if i'm honest).
    6. diesel
      Looks quite good, would like the option though of being able to quickly switch back to a more classic view when needed. Mind you I suppose we all said the same thing when XP came out.
    7. TimUK
      It looks very interesting and could be great for home users but like kfoulks2011 I'm not sure how well it will sit in a corporate environment.
      Looking forward to seeing more details when they come out.

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