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A-level IT curriculum needs urgent review to prevent future skills gap

Discussion in 'News' started by Fergal1982, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Fergal1982

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    A-level IT curriculum needs urgent review to prevent future skills gap, warns Intellect

    The ICT and computing A-level curriculum requires an "urgent review" following a continued decline in the number of students gaining qualifications, according to industry body Intellect.

    This year's A-level results show a 1.8% drop in the number of students taking IT-related A-levels, with 15,962 students studying for ICT and computing A-levels in 2011, compared with 16,251 last year.

    Full Story: Here

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    1. twizzle
      this is interesting if only because my son is due to start his A-level ICT in september. He was told that he could do teh core studies then any 3 (i think) from a selection of subjects. These would be decided later on in teh course.

      He is also doing a-level music and applied science. All 3 could go togther well i feel if he can get in teh right job. However he's still young and not sure exactly what he wants to do for work.

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