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A Career in Computer Forensics

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. tripwire45
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    A Career in Computer Forensics

    IT professionals with an investigative side can put their talent to work. Computer forensic expert was recently listed as one of the top careers for 2007 by Careerbuilder.com. Computer forensics is defined as the application of the scientific method to digital media in order to establish factual information for judicial review. Mike Zuro, network engineer at CompTIA and former Illinois suburban police officer, simply describes it as "finding and taking information off a computer or similar type of device." While that sounds easy, Zuro admits that uncovering the right information can be tricky. "Sometimes it's difficult to determine what type of data you are searching for, or which files may contain the information you need."

    You can read the rest of the article at CompTIA.org.
    Certifications: A+ and Network+


    1. zimbo
      anyone know what the job propects for this are like in the UK or the EU for that matter?
    2. BosonMichael
      I'd have a blast in a job like that. :biggrin
    3. Mitzs
      That would be my dream job. Get paid to snoop though someone computer? And no ethic issues to deal with.:biggrin
    4. Mr.Cheeks
      dunno - depends on why the reason you have the persons hdd...

      might sound good fun, but what happens when you realise you are extracting data from a HDD from a suspect pea-do-phile?
      i'll reckon you'll be in a bigger shock that you'd expect...
    5. BosonMichael
      If she were in computer forensics, I'd expect that she'd be *looking* for stuff like that to bust someone with.
    6. zimbo
      i wouldnt be shocked you are a forensic expert and its your job to find those pics to nail the bugger in court- do police officers get shocks when dealing with murder cases? - they get used to it.

      you not the only one - Computer Forensics was MY first choice degree... :(
    7. Mr.Cheeks
      i see the points made but i was thinking of those images - it would make you sick, but if that helps catch the *** ** * ***** ******* then thats just bang on!
    8. Mitzs
      That wouldn't make me sick, it piss me off to know end and all the more determine to nail the bloody bastard. What would make me sick is not finding the proof and it happening to another child.
    9. Mitzs
      Why didn't you go for it Zimbo?
    10. zimbo
      Because i cant write greek i wont make it in cyprus and i wasnt sure what would happen if i looked for a job in the uk - but im seriously serisouly considereding it for a Masters! I always enjoyed and this is a chance to combine Law and IT. I know various universities do a Masters from here in the UK - but like i asked before how can i find out more information about this job in the UK or EU?

      I been looking on the London Met Site, Interpol etc for more info although i did find http://www.computer-forensics.co.uk/index.php
    11. Mitzs
      Ok, I will let you look these and sort them out, I only googled uk, you can google EU. When you click the links below you will see how I googled it and just do the same for EU. I hope there is some info that will help you. I wish you luck zimbo, if this is what you really want to do, I say go for it dude.


    12. zimbo
      still got 2 1/2 years of my degree - wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too early to think of it - but if i ever do a masters thats it! Sad thing is only 2 unis in the UK do Forensic Computer at a Post Grad level...

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