8GB Flash for a grand

Discussion in 'News' started by Phil, Oct 1, 2004.

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    8GB Flash for a grand

    San Disk has announced that a mouth-watering 8 gigabyte Compact Flash cartridge will be able in November, for the eye-watering price of $959 (or €959). That's twice the capacity of the current generation of hard drives powering devices such as the iPod mini.

    The company claims the Ultra II disk can write at 9MB/sec and read at 10MB/s. San Disk also unveiled 2GB SD cards and 4GB Memory Stick Duos today, the latter priced the same as the 8GB CF card

    Full Story: The Register
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    1. Phoenix
      the iPod and such devices use 1.8" toshiba hard disks, which now reach 80GB in capacity, thats 10x what this flash drive is, for half the cost

      and flash cards are not suited for continuous read and write as hard disks are, so they are not really suited to this role

      Edit: ok ok i so read it again and realised it said iPod mini, lol, which indeed use 4gb storage media, i was not aware it was CF though :P
      nice one

      nice news tho, should push the smaller ones down in price :)

      sad tho
      you could get more than 8GB of DDR400 memory for that price :D
    2. Nelix
      One of the guys at work has just bought a 1GB SD card for £54 +VAT:x
    3. Phil
      Same here, he got his from Dabs. Then another colleague disabled his usb ports out of spite :)
    4. Phoenix
      I have a 1gb USB key
      cost about 70 quid

      dont have a gig xD card for my camera, didnt know they make em, so had to get 512MB instead :D
    5. nugget
      You guys earn too much or you don't have kids. Either way I'm jealous. :D

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