12-Year-Old Sued for Music Downloading

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">12-Year-Old Sued for Music Downloading </font>

    The music industry has turned its big legal guns on Internet music-swappers — including a 12-year-old New York City girl who thought downloading songs was fun.

    Brianna LaHara said she was frightened to learn she was among the hundreds of people sued yesterday by giant music companies in federal courts around the country.

    "I got really scared. My stomach is all turning," Brianna said last night at the city Housing Authority apartment where she lives with her mom and her 9-year-old brother.

    "I thought it was OK to download music because my mom paid a service fee for it. Out of all people, why did they pick me?"

    The Recording Industry Association of America (search) — a music-industry lobbying group behind the lawsuits — couldn't answer that question.

    "We are taking each individual on a case-by-case basis," said RIAA spokeswoman Amy Weiss.

    Asked if the association knew Brianna was 12 when it decided to sue her, Weiss answered, "We don't have any personal information on any of the individuals."

    Brianna's mom, Sylvia Torres, said the lawsuit was "a total shock."

    "My daughter was on the verge of tears when she found out about this," Torres said.

    The family signed up for the Kazaa (search) music-swapping service three months ago, and paid a $29.99 service charge.

    Usually, they listen to songs without recording them. "There's a lot of music there, but we just listen to it and let it go," Torres said.

    Source: www.foxnews.com
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