11 Percent of UK Confuse Star Wars adn Spyware

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Aug 31, 2005.

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    11 Percent of UK Confuse Star Wars and Spyware

    'Admiral Akbar - he's the bloke in charge of the White House right?'

    Some 11 per cent of the British population are convinced that spyware is "a gadget from Star Wars", according to research published on Thursday. The survey, carried out by NOP and commissioned by security company Blue Coat, appears to highlight a lack of concern in the UK market about spyware, with more than half of those surveyed unaware that spyware is software on a user's computer that tracks their behaviour and reports it back to a third party.

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    1. Phoenix
      I wonder what the figures would be stateside
      or in any place for that matter
      problem is most users want to check email and chat to friends, they dont give a rats ass about the rest until it starts disconnecting them from MSN

      remember that well over 11% of the UK are Chavs, and hence have no understanding of IT outside of 'porn and msn'

      Perhaps its time to start marketing my 'IT Security for part timers' course more vigerously, only £99 :)
      compare that to the rate I charge to fix a virii/spyware mess and its a good deal, LOL
    2. Boycie

      I recently looked at a XP machine for someone. When I stuck the belarc floppy in to see what exactly I was dealing with it said there were 36 Critical update needed installing.
      When I said about this the owner said that he didn't want to install them as it was "Spyware". When I explained it was patches to the operating system he said it was MS spying on people. :biggrin
    3. tripwire45
      Ryan, I wasn't picking on folks in the UK when I posted that. I posted it because I was interested in the story and wanted to share it. I have no doubt the figure would be as high (or higher) in the US. By the way, what's are "Chavs?" :oops:

      Boyce, probably a lot of people share this person's opinion of M$ and who's to say he's wrong? :tongue
    4. Phoenix
    5. dee1810
      Speaking as a BRIT, What a load of cods-wallop!!!!!!!!!!!! :ohmy

      I must be a very rare species indeed! Everyone that I know understands all about security issues. (perhaps, because I don't mix with CHAVs) :biggrin
      I run checks every 2 days. I am sorry to say that I'm not 100% sure what a chav is exactly as it appears to be the "word of the year", and I don't bother with things like that. I've got too much to Think about.

      Most Brits who value their PCs don't ignore security. I do know that people who do a lot of file-sharing, can get loads of Trojans and stuff.
    6. Phoenix
      most the people I know are geeks, so they are pretty security aware
      11% isnt a really bad number considering how many folks use PCs though

      your more likely to know what a chav is living down here in london, especialy when im so close to croydon! (Chav Capital) lol
      I didnt know what it was till my mate from essex told me, hehe
    7. dee1810
      Well Phoenix

      I've just looked at your link for the CHAV website, and I think I partly agree with you now. It's been a while since I was shopping in Nottingham's Shopping centres, but I can say, that it is full of the young people that your link described.

      I have just had Tripwire & Ffreeloader pass some nice comments about the state of my PCs registry.. I have so many security software on here, that its unlikely that I have any malware.

      Cheers :D
    8. Phoenix
      the important thing is to get the the point where you have no security software, and no malware :)

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