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100 Million Copies of IE7 Installed

Discussion in 'News' started by zimbo, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. zimbo
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    100 Million Copies of IE7 Installed

    Microsoft recently announced that, as of January 8, 100 million users have installed Internet Explorer 7.0.

    The company released IE7 on October 18, roughly three months ago.

    With 100 million copies installed, IE7 is only second to IE6 in terms of overall numbers. After no major updates to IE6 since it first shipped in 2001, IE7 features tabbed browsing, a built-in RSS reader, a phishing filter, and an integrated search window as well as improved security.

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    1. hbroomhall
      Have a look at this article which suggests that Firefox is still gaining despite IE7!

    2. zimbo
      they just dont win! :biggrin i had mine updated through win updates but i still use FF2!
    3. BosonMichael
      That would mean IE6 users are upgrading to IE7 rather than FireFox users abandoning FF2 for IE7. And a slow trickle of IE folks are making the switch to FF2.
    4. zieeeem
      I'm not sure how up to date this flaw is now, I read it in early november I think...

      Excuse the ad at the start if you just click skip ad at the top right you go through to the article.

    5. Bluerinse
      How do they know which browsers people use?

      I use FF, IE7 and Opera, sometimes all at the same time.

      100 Million people may have been tricked into downloading it but that doesn't necessarily mean it is their browser of choice.
    6. hbroomhall
      There are a number of items in the request header that many sites cache. Browser info is one of them. The site where you came from is another. And your OS is yet another.

      Firefox has an extension called 'User Agent Switcher' which allows FF to pretend to be another browser. This is useful when the site is so broken that it has a ton of inadequate code to deal with different browsers and doesn't include FF in that set.

    7. Bluerinse
      Okay I understand about the header info but who, collates all this info? - Given that there are countless web servers on the Internet, all in different countries with various languages and with the potential of having thousands of sessions at a time or more. I can't envisage an accurate way in which these stats could be compiled, sheesh it's hard enough deciphering the stats for hits on a single site.
    8. hbroomhall
      Quite a number of sites give out this information.

      And a major site - such as BBC or Google - will be pretty representative.


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