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Discussion in 'Virtual Computing' started by zebulebu, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. zebulebu

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    I. Hate. Western. Digital.

    Been sick as a dog all day and just come downstairs in the last 20 minutes... to find my poxy VC Server has **** the bed - HD is screwed. Less than ten months old as well. Western Bastard Digital - that's the last you'll see of me - after having no problems with them for years, I've now had three fail on me in the past eight months.
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  2. wagnerk
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    I understand how you feel, I will never buy another fujitsu HDD. A few years back we had a whole batch of them die on us, one after another...

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    Does anyone know how reliable the solid state drives are? Surely VERY reliable. . .?
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  4. zebulebu

    zebulebu Terabyte Poster

    Yay! Recovery console to the rescue!

    (after replacing five files that is...)

    Even better, I have my original receipt for the disk too, so I'll by RMAing that to Western Soditall tomorrow.

    Now... time to migrate everything onto another disk methinks...
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  5. JohnBradbury

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    Installing VCenter takes an absolute age. I'm running the 60 days evaluation so I've installed two VCenter servers a couple of days apart. In theory I can take the primary back to the base build snapshot and reinstall whilst the secondary server looks after things. A few days later do the same with the secondary and in 60 days the whole process starts again.

    Same situation with my ESX installs.

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