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SOHO Swiches vs Enterprise Switches

Discussion in 'Network+' started by Les1977, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Les1977

    Les1977 Bit Poster

    This is an answer rather than a question, but I figured people new to the Network+ might find themselves caught by this one!

    In the Meyers Network plus book, when discussing switches, it goes into detail regarding the filtering/forwarding capabilities, and loop prevention capabilities (STP) etc.

    It should be noted that these capabilities, do not necessarily apply to bog standard un-managed SOHO switches.

    For example, my network setup at home uses a 24 port Netgear FS524 switch, and I can, and have, sniffed packets on any port using wireshark, and induced a broadcast storm, by deliberately looping the network through another switch.
    The reason I can do this, though contrary to what the book says, is that the switch I am using is completely un-managed.

    Had I been using an enterprise level, managed switch, like a Cisco 2950, I would have to log-in to the switch, and disable STP, to induce a broadcast storm, and mirror a port to sniff traffic.
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