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Purchasing Exam Vouchers

Discussion in 'Linux+' started by Enigma, May 3, 2015.

  1. Enigma

    Enigma Bit Poster

    Hi all,

    I intend to study towards the Linux+ certification and take my exams between September and November. I have a couple of quick quesitons.

    1. There are 2 exams: LX0-103 and LX0-104.
    Do I need to purchase a seperate exam voucher for both exams?
    Currently the UK CompTIA Marketplace indicates the price is £119. But I am not sure if the one voucher covers both exams or if I need to buy 2 vouchers at £238.

    2. I want to take the updated LX0-103 and LX0-104 exams as the LX0-101 and LX0-102 exams are
    being retired at the end of August. When purchasing the exam vouchers can I choose which ones
    I want to take?

    I hope to get the 3-in-1 certification. I have obtained my LPI ID as the first part of this process.

    Thanks in advance,
    Certifications: ITIL Foundation
    WIP: Linux+ Prince2
  2. SimonD

    SimonD Terabyte Poster Moderator

    So my understanding is that it's per exam, so that's £119 x 2.

    Have a look at http://www.comptiastore.com/product-p/vwlnxlpi.htm for clarification (top right corner).
    Certifications: CNA | CNE | CCNA | MCP | MCP+I | MCSE NT4 | MCSA 2003 | Security+ | MCSA:S 2003 | MCSE:S 2003 | MCTS:SCCM 2007 | MCTS:Win 7 | MCITP:EDA7 | MCITP:SA | MCITP:EA | MCTS:Hyper-V | VCP 4 | ITIL v3 Foundation | VCP 5 DCV | VCP 5 Cloud | VCP6 NV | VCP6 DCV | VCAP 5.5 DCA
    WIP: VCP6-CMA, VCAP-DCD and Linux + (and possibly VCIX-NV).
  3. Enigma

    Enigma Bit Poster

    Hi Simon, you are correct it is 2 vouchers that are needed.
    One for each exam. I have now purchased these.
    Certifications: ITIL Foundation
    WIP: Linux+ Prince2

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