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Home cinema projectors

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by jk2447, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. jk2447

    jk2447 Petabyte Poster Moderator

    Hi all,

    Sorry Ive not been around as much as usual. House move and work but I will be back with a vengence soon enough. I've got a large white wall in my spare room and I'm considering getting a projector instead of hanging my led tv. Obviously I know projectors aren't very useful in the daytime but this would just be for the odd film when we fancy a change, maybe the odd boxing match etc.

    My question is..... Do people still use projectors? For years I fancied buying one but never did. I've got a 55" led downstairs so not short of a big telly but I just fancied a change.

    Also is a newly painted white wall good enough for a projector?

    Any advice would be very much appreciated

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  2. Coupe2T

    Coupe2T Megabyte Poster

    I think they are still quite heavily used mate. I work for Sony and certainly they still seem to invest in new models and also seem to sell quite a few home based projectors etc.

    Not sure about the white wall part, I would expect it should be fine but obviously and even so slight imperfections in the wall could possibly show up in the picture etc! I think the proper screens are fairly reasonable aren't they? Usually the projector that costs?
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