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Desktop deployment interview help

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by BITEK, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. BITEK

    BITEK Bit Poster

    Hello fellow technicians,

    I've been reading Certforums for some time and remember spotting a few desktop deployment specialists around. I have an interview due in couple of weeks for Senior Desktop Engineer, which apart from support would require me to manage the desktop deployment for the organisation.

    I've worked with Symantec Ghost in the past using multicast deployment but we never used it any other than configure pc/ sysprep, take image and restore image. I've played a bit with imagex and dism commands in a lab as part of Win 8 exam study but have no real working experience.

    Can you give me some pointers to help me impress on the day? Have you any resources or suggest. Where to start and what to avoid? All help much appreciated.

    Certifications: BTEC Diploma in IT, Comptia A+, 70-687, 70-410, 70-411, 70-412

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