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Browser Problems

Discussion in 'Software' started by AJ, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. AJ

    AJ Administrator Administrator

    We seem to be having the above problem on our network. When you look into the event logs, it nearly always shows that the browser service has stopped and such and such a computer is forcing an election. We think it seems to be XP machines that are causing this but not always. The servers are all Windows 2000 with the latest SP.

    The effect of this is quite minimal as all of the machines can use tyhe network and its resources. However when you use network places only certain machines are showing. These seem to be the network attached storage and linux machines.

    Any thoughts out there?
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  2. mattwest

    mattwest Megabyte Poster

    I remember having the same problem on my old network last year, but that was an NT network with win 9x clients. I'll have a think and see if i can rememeber how (if??) we fixed it....

    In our case it was causing the network crash....

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  3. SimonV

    SimonV Petabyte Poster Administrator

    I've had this with 98 clients, in the network properties for the MS file and print services disable the browse master option.
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  4. AJ

    AJ Administrator Administrator

    Well this one was solved over the weekend. We found that one of our network attached storage (NAS) devices had lost it's access to the PDC and was taking over as the browser master when it was online. Took it offline and the whole network was there before my very eyes. The network is setup so that each area of the school is on a separate subnet using VLANS on the main routing switch. This is so that the kids can't play peer to peer games and clog up the network. The only subnet that they can see is the one they are on and the servers. The NAS was on the server network so we moved it to one of the others and voila problem solved. Tell the NAS which server is the PDC and problem ended. :D
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