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Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by ant2005uk, Mar 29, 2005.

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    Just been looking through all the logs of all blocked access attempts and 99% of blocked traffic was from china telecom isp. Most strange how there are so many blocked access attempts from china dont you think? Maybe theres a group of chinese people targeting me hehe what you think :D
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    Yup, their tactics are pretty devious at times m8. A well-known method they employ is to phish around forums and boards (they even wrote a special Java tool for this) looking for folks that are pretty conscious about personal internet security. When they find someone, they basically hammer them with various DoS attacks, penetration tests, etc, to see justhow tight their systems are.

    I believe they usually score a hit rate of around 40-45% success in finding PCs to compromise, with the ultimate goal of expanding their zombie network.

    Make sure you got those shields tight, m8 :blink
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  3. ant2005uk

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    Makes you wonder why they do it though, i'd imagine it would take a very good understanding of the inner workings of a PC and technology to do things like that. Shame they cant use that knowledge for good and more useful purposes.

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