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Your Standard VM Documents/Users/Apps

Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by Stuzzle, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Stuzzle

    Stuzzle Byte Poster

    So in a nutshell, I've been thinking for a while about a standard template for quickly being able to get together Windows VM's, mostly client side.
    So much time can be spent on your VM just getting users setup and generating fake documents throughout the VM and installing a few basic apsp (for example for labbing app compatibility for the Windows client exams)

    Does anyone have any tricks or tips they find useful when it comes to generating a realistic client side VM??

    For example, I've just found www.fakefilegenerator.com whilst on my search for generating large amounts of different document types (so I can fill a folder with 'em and use the Compact CMD for a brief minute or 2, whilst going through the Portable CMD Guide) and perhaps might look into a quick script for creating a generic batch of users which I can import into VMs on their creation
    Certifications: A+, MCSA: Windows 7, 70-640, 70-642
    WIP: 70-646

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